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Dear readers,

AoRTa is as some know an independent art-centre in Chişinău (rep. Moldova) which already goes into it’s fifth year. It is the Initiative of Irina Grabovan and for the last years supported by undersigned, in Moldova living but Dutch visual artist Ron Sluik. Several artists and photographers from all over have visited and worked on this unique location. AoRTa wants to stay independent from international fundings or commercial sponsors but will need of course a financial base to continue. This is why it is our intention to start this winter with publishing a series of photobooklets on art and photography which will contribute to the continuity of the centre. You are asked to sign in for this series. A subscription will support the insurmountable expenses which monthly brings our activities with them.

More information about AoRTa can be found on

Photographers and artists who are closely involved with AoRTa have in the mean time agreed with enthusiasm to contribute. All people we have spoken about the idea have reacted positive and extremely supporting. It is our intention to realize at least 12 titles. The accompanying texts will be written by Irina Grabovan. Other writers and critics will be asked to contribute too. The 1st book will be a selection of photo’s by myself. Portraits made this summer during a ten day stay in the north Moldovan village Parcova. The 2nd publication will contain a stunning but also funny series of passport photographs from a young jewish Moldovan man, made on the run for fascism in Lodz 1933. This book will be realized in remembrance of the first European pogrom which took place in 1903 in Chişinău. Number 3 will be a beautiful series of womens portraits made recently by ULAY in our gallery.

Later editions will be released with Moldovan photoworks by BERTIEN VAN MANEN, INE LAMERS and LOODWICKS PRESS IMAGES, amongst others. We also would like to introduce to you the works of in the West partly unknown artists like Evgeny Mokhorev, Mark Verlan, Victor Guţu and Alexander Tinei. The final order of the series at the moment is not certain yet, this however, one could say, will support the suprise of receiving a next book. This winter we expect a.o. MARIEKE VAN DIEMEN, TOTO FRIMA en CALIN DAN as guests in Chişinău. The format will be 17 x 20 cm including 28 pages and locally printed in full color.

From now on You can subscribe by transferring a minimum of 28 euro (for three editions) to Postbank account 44 888 02 on the name of Ron Sluik – Amsterdam – NL (international code of bank: PSTBNL 21) and mentioning Your name and address. The books will be automatically and without any further costs send to you directly after their release. Your deposit will be an essential contribution to keep AoRTa art-centre alive and kicking on a location one might think of as the periphery.

The photobook “This is my House – the Cruel Paradise”, released last April, is in the mean time ordered by many. Our thanks for this. The reactions on the book were more than supportive and strengthen us in the idea that this new series should become as successful. The world distribution is recently taken over by IDEAbooks Amsterdam but can also still be ordered by transfering 20 euro the the above mentioned account.

Hoping for your support,


/\/\/\  /\/\/\/\/\
Ron Sluik.

If you do not want your name on our mailing list, please send a message to but would you like to distribute this message within your own surroundings be our guest!

  Ron Sluik, 2003

  Anonym, 1933

  Ulay, 2003

  Irina Grabovan, 2003

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