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Photo by Arja Hyytiäinen

From 11 February

Finnish artist Arja Hyyhiäinen, photography.



1 February

AoRTa Art Centre and Polish Institute in Romania kindly invite You to attend the lecture “Contemporary art in Poland” by Marta Smolińska-Byczuk and presentation of polish art magazine “ARTeon” on Tuesday, February, 1, at 17:00.

Entrance free.


Photo by Rafal Jakubowicz

Toto Frima

19, 21, 23 October 2004

Toto Frima (Netherlands).

Photos from Kishinev.




Jaap's Fishes

Jaap de Ruig, Mariët Meester

Video presentation, meeting with the artist and writer.

20 June, Sunday, 17:00
22 June, Tuesday, 19:00

Sites –,





Roldanus' slippers

From 13 April 2004

Ulric Roldanus (Netherlands)

Opening – 13 April at 5 o'clock.



13 March – 6 April 2004

Dutch polaroid photographer Toto Frima.

Toto Frima, 2001–2002

For 25 years now Toto Frima makes portraits of herself with a polaroid camera. Not only with a small size SX 70 camera but also with one of the rare static cameras which produces 50 x 60 cm directprints, sometimes black and white and sometimes in color. What does she want to tell us with her selfportraits? What is she showing us? Or do her works just give us all the space to see what we want to see?

Opening: Saturday 13 March at 17.00

Toto's site –


Irina Grabovan,
“Girls from Parcova”

10 February – 6 March 2004

Nicoleta Capota (Canada/Romania)
– photography,
Irina Grabovan (Moldova)
– photography,
Cristina David (Romania)
– video-art.

Curator – Ron Sluik.





30 December – 29 January 2004

Exhibition of graphic artist Arcady Antosiak.





Open: Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays from 2 pm to 7 pm.

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In the yard on the right side of the Turkish Embassy.

Post address – AoRTa, postbox 278, Bulgara str. 39, MD 2001 Chisinau 1, rep. Moldova.

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AoRTa news

New article about Ron Sluik’s book “Moldavisch Blauw ...and other colors” is published.

In the famous Slovakian art-magazine IMAGO the interview with Ron Sluik and Irina Grabovan taken by Iulian Robu is published. It is about the Ron and Ira's book named “This is my HouseThe Crual Paradise”.

New AoRTa publications.

There is a new story of Ron Sluik in In Dutch.

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